Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition - XONE

It's your fault that the world is coming to an end, so you better make it right this time!

The latest adventure of the popular treasure hunter Lara Croft, now in the Ultimate Edition! Relive a devastating moment in Lara Croft's life that ultimately makes her the Tomb Raider she knows. Traverse a deadly jungle filled with danger, search gruesome crypts and save the world from an impending Mayan apocalypse!

  • Thrilling action-adventure game from the popular Tomb Raider series. Solve puzzles and face terrifying dangers as you try to save the world from its fate.
  • Experience a unique mix of combat, stealth, climbing and exploration, all wrapped up in a compelling story.

The Croft Edition includes:

  • Digital soundtrack
  • Additional bonus DLCs
  • 7 Challenge Tombs with story-based side missions
  • 7 weapons, 7 outfits and 7 skills
  • Season Pass



  • Title: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition
  • Genre: Action-Adventure 
  • Age rating (PEGI): From 18 years old
  • Platform: Microsoft Xbox One
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Studio: Eidos Montréal, Crystal Dynamics
  • 1027766
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