Sweepstake T&C

Conditions of participation 


"X-Box One - Like, retweet and comment" Sweepstake

Organizer of the sweepstake is Gaya Entertainment GmbH, Hausinger Str. 8, 40764 Langenfeld, Germany (hereinafter referred to as Game-Legends.de). 

Participation in the "X-Box One - Like, retweet and comment" sweepstake is subject to the following conditions of participation:

§ 1 Eligibility to participate

All persons who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to participate. Employees of Game-Legends.de, their relatives and other persons involved in the execution of the contest or promotion are excluded from participation.

§ 2 Execution of the lottery

To participate in the "X-Box One - Like, retweet and comment" sweepstake, the Twitter Post must be marked with "Like" , retweeted and commented. The participation is possible until 

By submitting to the sweepstake mentioned above, participants agree to these Terms & Conditions.

A winner will be determined by using the app "Pickaw", this method is completely random based.

The announcement of the winner by Game-Legends.de will be made on Twitter

Once the winner has been announced, they will be contacted by the staff.

The physical prize will be shipped by post.

The participation in the competition is free and independent from an order from the Game-Legends store. A purchase does not increase your chances of winning.

§3 Prize

X-Box One

The prizes are neither exchangeable nor transferable. It is not possible to issue a credit note or pay out a prize in cash.

§4 Data protection
The data protection regulations are always observed by Game-Legends.de when collecting, processing and using the participant's personal data. By participating in the sweepstakes, the participant agrees to the storage and use of his/her personal data by Game-Legends.de for the implementation and processing of the competition.
The personal data will not be used or stored for advertising purposes.
The participant can revoke his consent at any time during the execution of the competition and thus withdraw from participation in the competition.
The revocation must be sent to: info@game-legends.de

§5 Exclusion from the competition
Participants who violate the conditions of participation, who have created an extra raffle account, provide incorrect personal data or attempt to participate in a competition several times may be excluded from the competition by Game-Legends.de. If there is a reason for exclusion, Game-Legends.de can disallow winnings and claim back winnings already handed out.

§6 Miscellaneous
Legal recourse is excluded. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively.
Game-Legends.de is entitled to terminate the competition prematurely at any time. If any provision of these Conditions of Participation is invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
The conditions of participation in this competition may be changed at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons.
Amendments and changes must be made in writing to be effective.

Date: September 30. 2020

Gaya Entertainment GmbH.
Hausinger Strasse 8
40764 Langenfeld

Publisher/responsible for the content: Gaya Entertainment GmbH
CEO: Simon Banzhaf, Dr. Reinhard Gratl
Registered office: Langenfeld, Rhld. 
Registered at Düsseldorf Local Court: HRB 50111 
Sales Tax Identification Number: DE236 706 853​



FAQ - "X-Box One - Like, retweet and comment“

How can I take part in the sweepstakes?
For any person over 18 years of age, the participation will be possible by liking, commenting and retweeting the Twitter post wich lead you to this page.After we have determined the winner, we will announce this on Twitter and we will proactively contact him/her via Twitter.

Do you need the address?
The address data is only needed by Game-Legends.de in case of winning and will only be used to send the prize. We will ask for it only when it's neccassary.

When and how will I know if I have won?
The drawing takes place on October XXth. The winner will be announced on Twitter in the form of a tweet.

How do I get my winnings?
The prize will be handed over by post without incurring any fees.

From which countries can I take part in the sweepstakes?
Participation is possible from all countries.

Do I have to register to enter the sweepstakes?
A registration in the Game-Legend Store is not necessary to participate.

When do the sweepstakes end?
Information about the end of the sweepstakes can be found in the terms and conditions under point 2, the winner will be announced shortly after the end of the competition.

What options do I have to increase my chances of winning?
There is no way to increase your chances of winning in our sweepstakes. Every participant has the same chances of winning, provided, of course, that the conditions of participation are fulfilled.

How does the drawing take place?
The winner will be determined by chance with the help of the random generator "Pickaw"