Darksiders Genesis - XONE

Darksiders Genesis - XONE

How it all began... Darksiders Genesis is set long before the events of the Darksiders series. Accompanies the two apocalyptic horsemen War and Strife, who were sent on an urgent mission by the Charred Council: They are to eliminate the henchmen of Lucifer before he can attain an unstoppable power. Saddle up your mounts and grab a friend, because this Darksider adventure is completely playable by cooperative gameplay.

- The first Darksiders in a beautiful isometric view. Away from the new look, everything feels familiar, just as a Darksiders title should. Equip yourself with upgrades and more items, improve your stats and become a powerful horseman of the apocalypse.

- Strife makes its debut in Darksider's Genesis: The gunslinging Horseman is a gifted marksman with all sorts of helpful skills to help you puzzle and fight.

- Either alone on the Xbox One with the control of both characters War and Strife, or play with a friend and share the responsibility. Of course, the multiplayer mode works either online or locally!

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