Darksiders III - XONE

Darksiders III - XONE

The apocalyptic horseman Fury is back on the ravaged earth. She is supposed to restore the balance and has to face the seven deadly sins, which are spreading mischief among the ruins of mankind. Slip into her role and snap the whip as Darksiders III is a badass action adventure!

- Darksiders III on the Xbox One features a completely redesigned battle system that doesn't allow any mistakes to be made. The action-adventure convinces with strategic combat and once again tough puzzles.

- Fury, the sister of the apocalyptic brothers is a capable member of the Apocalyptic Horsemen, even if her temperament sometimes gets the better of her. Use your whip and deadly magic to send the demonic spawn back to the darkest corners of hell from which they sprang.

- Completely new freedom of movement awaits you in unprecedented open worlds. The unique comic style is still impressive and provides a scenery that will not be forgotten in a flash.

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