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Desperados 3 - XONE

Desperados 3 - XONE

Howdy partners! In the long-awaited third chapter of the popular tactical strategy series Desperados you will once again be taken to the Wild West. Slip into the role of outlaw John Cooper and his infamous and totally unlikeable team.

- Be smart and tactical, use cover and your specialised abilities. Desperados 3 is a tactical stealth RTS game that doesn't forgive any mistakes or reckless actions. Perfectly adapted to the Xbox One with comfortable gamepad controls.

- One task, hundreds of different solutions. Use the numerous equipment of the five playable characters to gain the ascendancy in tactical battles. The game can be paused at any time and the actions can still be planned so that you can always stay calm and focused.

- Cross the borders of the prairie, treacherous swamps and the first signs of America's vast cityscapes. The western world is an absolute feast for the eyes and impresses with its enormous love for details

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