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Elex - XONE

Elex - XONE

Welcome to the fierce world of Elex.
The world is at war for the most powerful resource of all, Elex!
It gives people magic-like powers, but turns every user into Albs, cold and emotionless creatures. You play a hateful Alb who has been separated from his group after a misfortune and, having gone through a painful Elex detox, must find a new place in this dangerous world.

- Elex is a lovingly crafted action role-playing game from the creators of the Gothic series. Experience a huge, seamless game world filled with memorable characters, ruthless creatures, moral choices and plenty of action.

- Use a variety of weapons and gadgets, such as your jetpack, which now allows you to explore vertically.

- Join one of the three factions in the open world and experience an adventure full of intrigue, conspiracies and decisions.

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