Generation Zero Collectors Edition - PS4

Generation Zero Collectors Edition - PS4

Welcome to alternative Sweden in the 80s. The population has suddenly disappeared and mysterious machines of unknown origin patrol the streets. Explore the strange open world, uncover the mystery, perfect your battle strategies and avenge humanity. Lead the last survivors to success!

- In the action-adventure game Generation Zero you take on numerous missions and face challenges to find new weapons and other goods that are important for the survival of mankind.

- Play with three friends in a team of 4 and drive back the mechanical threat.

- Pure nostalgia: Customise with the loot you find. Outfits and hairstyles inspired by the favourite styles of the 1980s await as rewards for tricky battles.

- Collectors Edition contains: Premium Collector's Edition box, main game, Premium Steekbook, 4 concept art postcards, A3 fabric map of the game world and a T-shirt.

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