ReCore Limited Edition - PC

ReCore Limited Edition - PC

ReCore is a thrilling action-adventure game from legendary developer Keiji Inafune, the creators of Metroid Prime.
Slip into the skin of Jewel Adams, one of the last humans on the planet "New Eden", which is controlled by dangerous robots. However, you are not completely alone, but can count on the active support of various core-bot companions, who support you with unique strengths and abilities.

- Action-adventure game with combat and puzzle interludes. Explore the dangerous world of "New Eden" and smash the rule of the brutal robots.

- The different core bots offer you new, unique combat abilities on the one hand, and on the other hand they help you to overcome the numerous different passages and puzzles - so choose wisely!

- The Limited Edition includes, in addition to the main game, the official soundtrack on CD, a Quickstart Guide, an artbook and a double-sided poster in A3 size.

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