This is the Police 2 - PS4

This is the Police 2 - PS4

In This is the Police 2, you take the law into your own hands and run the police department. Act strategically, assign cops to your squad and go on a manhunt. Suspects must be interrogated and arrested while you make decisions about the facts of the crime. But be careful not to go astray, because the tough border town of Sharpwood plays by some of its own rules!

- This is the Police 2 is a surprising mix of game styles. Partly it is an adventure game, a strategy game, a simulation or a management game. But influences of a visual novel or a puzzler also await you.

- Uncover the dark secret of the merciless city of Shapwood, where no one is truly innocent. Experience an adult story full of serious themes and cleverly use the strengths and weaknesses of the inhabitants to avoid being led up the garden path.

- Cultivate your relationships, because in Sharpwood everything can depend on it. A friendship with the local butcher or undertaker may save your life one day.

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