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Titan Quest - PS4

Titan Quest - PS4

The Titans, the parents of the mighty gods of the Greek world, have broken out of their prison and are plunging the earth into eternal chaos and destruction. The gods are now seeking a hero who can stand up to the giant creatures. Help Zeus seal the fate of the gods of Olympus and banish the Titans from the earth once and for all.

- Titan Quest is a topdown Hack'n'Slay Action-RPG. Embark on an epic quest and ensure peace in the mythological world of ancient times. On the console, the game shines in HD and offers wonderful, hand-drawn graphics.

- Defeat giant creatures from the fantastic Greek mythology and become the saviour of the world. Equip yourself with numerous weapons and spells, perfect your play style and create the ultimate hero from 28 different archetypes.

- Challenge other players in multiplayer mode or fight your way through the enemy hordes together in cooperative mode.

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