Wreckfest - XONE

Wreckfest - XONE

The top league battle of metal. Throw yourself into the insane world of stockcar racing and step on the gas, no matter what it takes! The ultimate kick for all racing enthusiasts, because it's not only sheer speed that counts here, but also complete ruthlessness, towards your opponents as well as towards your own car. Let's crack!

- A fast-paced stock car racing game where none of the numerous vehicles remains unharmed. From trucks to street racers, everything gets crashed and dented. Don't just tune your car visually, choose from a variety of performance enhancing parts and reinforce it with hardened metal. Master the balancing act between armour and handling to win the competition.

- From the legendary developers Bugbear, who perfected the genre with FlatOut 1 and 2. There are no rules, try to stay in the race until the very end and ride on many different tracks, from derby arenas to street circuits with oncoming traffic. Thanks to impressive physics, the wreckage will fly straight at you and make the race a unique experience.

- Away from the first-class online multiplayer mode, an extensive single-player career awaits you. Unlock new vehicles and upgrades and become the ruler of the arena.

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Stock arriving on 5 March 2021


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