Twin Mirror Zipper Hoodie "Line Art" Navy

Twin Mirror Zipper Hoodie "Line Art" Navy

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What caused the accident of Sam's best friend and what does it have to do with a fox? Is there a link to an incident that caused upheaval in the small town of Bassword a while back? The adventure game "Twin Mirror" by the iconic studio DONTNOD tells an emotional story about romance, death, and homecoming. This hoodie features a stylistic sketch of a fox on the chest and several fractal patterns on the sleeves, recalling protagonist Sam's mind palace.

● Color: Navy Blue

● Material: brushed fleece 280, 50% ring-spun cotton - 50% polyester, brushed fleece lining, elastane ribbed hem, and sleeves.

● Size: S-XXL

● Made by Gaya Entertainment

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* 49.99 €

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