Fortnite Letzter-Lacher-Paket - PS5

Batman's nightmare makes its appearance in the colorful world of Fortnite. After being able to impersonate the Dark Knight himself in the recent past, the Fortnite Last Laugh Bundle gives you the chance to become the Joker yourself. Of course you always have a laugh left, at least if it is at the expense of your enemies.

• Includes skins of the infamous super villains Joker and Posion Ivy, as well as Midas Rex. Show what you have! Either by sheer madness, elegant arrogance or golden bling-bling.

• The following in-game items are included: three Back Blings (Riot Laugh, Black Bloom and Midas Ridge), four Pickaxes (Bad Joke, Revenge of the Joker, Ivy's Pickaxe and Kingmaker), one Contrail (Pick a Card)

• Includes 1000 V-Bucks to give you the best possible equipment (Last Laugh Bundle does not include the game Fortnite, but it is available for free on all platforms)


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