LEGO Jurassic World - Switch

The dinos are on the loose! Experience all the dinosaur adventures of the last 30 years as a playable adventure game epic in brick style. With LEGO Jurassic World not only the story of the same-named movie comes to us, but the entire Jurassic Park - Jurassic World story! Perfectly embedded in the LEGO universe, this game has everything you need: excitement, fun, puzzles, action and above all... DINOS!!
- A cute adventure game in the world of LEGO bricks and dinosaurs.
- Life, uh, finds a way! Create new dinosaurs by collecting LEGO bricks and experimenting with the DNA gained. Maybe you will create flying raptors, a long-necked pterodactyl or even more hybrid dinosaurs.
- Play on the Nintendo Switch together with your friends and family in cooperative mode and take on the role of famous movie characters or even dinosaurs, whenever and wherever you want to.
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