Deliver Us The Moon Deluxe - PS4

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Deliver Us The Moon is a playable science fiction thriller set in a near-apocalyptic future, in which our planet Earth can no longer provide natural resources. To solve this energy crisis, the World Space Agency was founded and secured a new, promising energy source on the moon.

Everything went according to plan until the day came when suddenly all communication ceased, there were no signs of life on the moon. Years later you play the role of the last astronaut on Earth and are sent on a fateful mission to find out what happened on the moon. Can you save humanity, or will you also be devoured by the dark depths of space?

  • Deliver Us The Moon is a thrilling and profound science-fiction action-adventure in which you are the last hope of mankind.
  • Explore the moon with your little robot ASE and investigate the abandoned World Space Agency facilities to get to the bottom of the sudden disappearance.

The Deluxe Edition includes

  • The original epic soundtrack
  • an ingenious 100-page digital artbook



  • Title: Deliver Us The Moon Deluxe 
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Age rating (PEGI): From 12 years old
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 4
  • Publisher: Wired Productions
  • Studio: KeokeN Interactive