The Falconeer Deluxe Edition - PC

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Conquer the skies!

Climb aboard your mighty warbird and become a Falconeer! Lead your allies into battle or fight against rivals, whether in the air or the waters of the sea. Explore the mysterious open world on the back of a giant bird and engage in explosive and thrilling aerial combat.

  • The Falconeer is an open-world aerial combat game with turbulent, fast-paced battles. Master numerous abilities of your warbird and discover the secrets of the world of Freat Ursee.
  • Use the various advantages of the numerous Falconeer classes with their own individual statics, weapons and warbirds, improve them through accumulated experience and discover the secrets of spells and mutagens.
  • Fight tactically and use dives, dodges, spins and rolls to become the fearsome hunter of the skies. Dive into the waters of the sea and show that you are just as agile underwater as you are in the air.

Deluxe Edition:

  • Contains the digital Soundtrack: The award-winning composer Benedict Nichols unites a unique and versatile soundtrack from thrilling synthetic tones and organ sounds, Balkan choirs to bagpipes and cymbalom. Immerse yourself in the soundscape of the mysterious primordial lake as factions face off in a battle of elements.
  • Digital Game Guide: The Falconeer Digital Game Guide is the ultimate guide for beginners and fans.



  • Title: The Falconeer Deluxe Edition
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Age rating (PEGI): From 12 years old
  • Platform: Microsoft PC
  • Publisher: Wired Productions
  • Studio: Tomas Sala